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Parenting During The Times Of Pandemic- A Reflection

Parenting is one of God`s Gift to humanity which serves the purpose of nurturing another soul in this world which is so full of uncertainty. Parenting brings out one`s best as well as our worst. At times it could be a dependency, a social norm, a responsibility, patterns of one`s own past history of childhood pattern coming forward. At other times, it could be rejuvenating, jubilant experience when we could share joyful moments in our children`s lives.

While this pandemic is playing havoc in people`s lives, our emotional self-mastery and restraint come into play in our daily lives. Bringing up children is one of the most enriching as well as challenging experiences one can have. Regardless of their age kids are always watching their parents who may be their role models, on how they are coping up.  There are few things that we can do to help them sow the seeds of perseverance, peace, and happiness no matter what the situation is.

    1. Handling one`s own toxic emotions. Even when we are feeling frustrated, stressed, agonized or embittered we have to take into account that it`s our own created response and no one else is responsible for it. The moment we take charge of our space, we will be able to handle it better, instead of projecting our negative feelings on others. If we have an issue with anyone else in the family, it`s always good to resolve that issue with the person instead of firing kids just because they may not be able to answer back. They are vulnerable. We have to be sensitive towards them. 

     2. Listening to them. Keeping aside all the gadgets, screens, and evidence of technical advancement, we must learn to listen to our kids attentively. With eye contact intact and patience for them to finish what they want to say, listening to children can be one of your most rewarding experiences of your day. Emotional negligence could be one of the mistakes which we might make even when we have enough to live with. Listening to their upsurging moods and emotions which could be positive feelings like joyfulness, gratitude, optimism, sense of fulfillment or sense of failure, helplessness and rejection could give them solace that someone is there for them always.

   At times, it also acts as mentoring from adults by channeling their feelings towards constructive thinking.

    3.The Five Languages of Love. Gary Chapman, Ph.D. in his book,`` The 5 love Languages, The Secret to Love that Lasts``, wrote that there could be five different ways of expressing and receiving love:  words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.

Verbal acknowledgments of affection in which we may praise, nurture, support, appreciate and nourish our children, can go a long way in making them feel loved. It could be a very trying thing to do in difficult times but your encouraging tone and presence can act as a balm in their painful moments of life. 

Quality time. Sharing uninterrupted recreational time with kids and giving them undivided attention may go a long way in marking your positive presence in their lives.  Supporting and nurturing their hobbies which could be reading, painting, playing chess, karate could also be beautiful experiences together.  Our relationship goal with them has to be unconditional acceptance of who they are and celebrate their uniqueness.

Gifts which  are visual representation of love  could be emotional moments for children.

Physical touch including kissing, holding hands, cuddling, and hugging can be real bonding time with children. Our most cherishing and memorable childhood experiences would be of physically held by our parents.

Acts of Service. Small acts we do for our children don`t go unnoticed and they always remember them, even try to replicate them for others. Getting them milk, reading stories, organizing playtimes with their friends are all acts of service that we may do for them.

The acts of love which we can demonstrate to our kids will go a long way in making them champions for tomorrow. Let`s pray we succeed.


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