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The Positioning Concept

POSITIONING- The Battle For Your Mind

To succeed, the first step is to position or situate the brand in the target consumer`s mind in such a way, that in his perception of the brand, it is distinctive and offers a persuasive customer valuebetter than its competitors.This is called competitive advantage.

The concept of perceptual mapping and perceptual space is utilized when seeking to differentiate brands. The consumer`s mind is regarded as a geometric perceptual space, with product categories and brand occupying different points in that space.


Foe a product to exist, it must find a place in an individual`s consumer`s perception of the world of products around him or her. And this perception is subjective, governed by the individual`s consumer`s values, beliefs, needs, experiences and environment.

The cognitive map of the individual is not a photographic representation of the physical world…every perceiver is, to some degree a non –representational  artist, painting a picture of the world that expresses his individual view of reality.

The SPATIAL DISTANCE between the points in that consumer`s mind reflects the subjects` perception of similarity or dissimilarity between products and brands.

``Positioning, therefore, starts with our understanding or ``mapping`` of a prospect consumer`s mental perceptions of products.Today`s clutter makes it advisable to give some thought to how best to help the consumer situate the product within her existing frame of reference.

Positioning is less what we do to the product and more what we do to the consumer`s perception of the product.

Product positioning is so central and critical that it should be considered at the level of mission statement…it comes to represent the essence of a business.

The `position` of a brand is its perception among target consumers. Brand positioning creates a unique, credible, sustainable and valued place in consumer`s minds for the brand.

There is a skill involved  in  creating BRAND PERSONALITY.


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